Pan Pizza Lovers Confess Sins

NEW YORK Pizza Hut will break a series of TV spots this weekend to support its Pan Pizza offerings.

The effort, “Pan Confessions,” via BBDO, New York, includes 30- and 15-second spots in which people confess how and why they crave the product. The spots will run on network and cable. Support includes print and Internet.

In “Anniversary,” a man admits that he “burned” the anniversary dinner he was making for his wife so they could order in Pan Pizza. In “Boss,” a man divulges that he is making his team work late so they will have to order in Pan Pizza for dinner.

“Girlfriend” focuses on a guy who confides, “I told my girlfriend I’d rather order Pan Pizza with her than with my friends. She thinks it’s about the ‘alone time.’ Actually, she eats less,” so there’s more pizza for him. In “Mom,” a woman reveals her secret: she loves Pan Pizza as much as her sons and husband, but won’t admit it to them.

“Neighbor” finds a guy who loves to borrow things from the guy next door. “But I never return anything until I see the Pizza Hut delivery car in his driveway. Then, I’m like, here’s your whatever. Oh, you guys are having Pan Pizza!?” He holds up a slice and says, “It works every time.”

Campaign spending was not given. Pizza Hut, Dallas, a division of Yum! Brands, Irvine, Calif., spent $210 million advertising in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—Brandweek staff report