English-Language Pakistani Newspaper Celebrates 70 Years With a Look Back at Print Ads

Everything from Sohrab bicycles to Zelin's Coffee

A pitch in 1950 for Pakistan’s first airline, Orient Airways. The heralding, that same year, of the country’s inaugural five-star hotel, The Metropole, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring the wife of the Shah of Iran.

These are just a few of the pleasures of The Daily Times’ celebration of predecessor the Pakistan Times, which first published Aug. 15, 1947 and closed in 1996.

It’s quite something to behold a past era when announcements were made by print media rather than social media or TV. In 1956, a local company unveiled a transistor radio, The Democrat, named in honor of that year’s passage of the country’s constitution. Advertisements for television sets followed in the mid-1960s. (The ad above is from 1951.)

In the 1970s, fountain-pen manufacturer Eagle positioned its product as the ‘pen for intellectuals.’ And quite frankly, Titoline was way ahead of the global marketing curve when it pitched, in 1975, the “natural breast enlargement” capabilities of its forcefully named product.

Article author Nadeem F. Paracha also separately compiled a look at some of the photos featured in Pakistani media over the decades. Check out that piece here. The Daily Times was launched in 2002.

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