Pak to Give Voltage Creative Jolt

Minsoo Pak, creative director and associate partner at the USWeb/CKS division here, has resigned to lead the creative department of a new technology-based marketing firm.
Voltage Factory, at first called GLS Group, was formed earlier this month [Adweek, Feb. 7] by ex-WestWayne executives Gerry Brewer and Laura Davis. The opportunity to shape a startup proved irresistible to Pak, who will be partner and chief creative officer.
“If this had been a job with another large firm, I wouldn’t have done it,” said Pak, 33. “But a startup is more attractive to me at this point in my life. I like the idea of building something. I like the energy; [it’s] unstructured, you can work rapidly and creatively. I’ll have more freedom here, call my own shots. It’s not like a power thing, it’s just that there’s a different energy and vibe.”
Pak said his former firm’s recent layoffs did not affect his decision.
Brewer said Pak’s hire will help define the new agency.
“We want to be an advertising and marketing strategy firm that happens to know and love technology,” Brewer said. “USWeb, iXL, they’re technology first, marketing second.”
“[That approach] sometimes leaves the customer out of the equation,” added Davis.
Don Maurer, Southeast regional executive for San Francisco-based USWeb/CKS, did not return calls by press time.
“It’s like going from Goliath to David,” Pak said. “It’s really interesting the way companies like USWeb/CKS raided the established industry firms, and now they’re suffering from that themselves.”