A Pair Of College-Oriented Sites Link To Post Job Opportunities

To help graduating seniors find a job and beef up its own employment offerings, Student Net Publishing has teamed with an online job database aimed at college students.
The deal allows students to post their resumes for free on JobDirect’s site, which is linked to Student.com, a site devoted to college life and maintained by Student Net Publishing.
“One of the leading things on a graduating student’s mind is how to find a job,” said Stewart Ugelow, chief executive officer of Student Net Publishing in Cambridge, Mass. “The economy is good, but it’s still somewhat difficult [to find employment]. The more people that come to Student Net’s site, the more likely they will come to JobDirect’s service.”
The two companies will market their services together on college campuses, said Ugelow. JobDirect currently visits schools nationwide to introduce students to the free service. In the two years since its inception, JobDirect has visited more than 350 campuses, said Robert Ford, president and chief operating officer of the Stamford, Conn.-based firm.
JobDirect’s database emails job-seekers every 24 hours when suitable positions are posted, Ford said. Companies that currently pay to access the database and recruit employees include Price Waterhouse, Teradyne, Bankers Trust, Sun Microsystems, Sybase and Random House, said Ford.
“It’s a natural partnership,” said Ford. “By combining our forces and our formats, we can provide a career and job piece for them and they can in turn be one of the best sources of content for us.”