Pagano To Fill Client Service Post At Mullen, Will Approach Dexter

After weeks of deliberating his career options, Bob Pagano has decided to head north. The co-chairman of Pagano, Schenck & Kay said last week he will join Mullen in Wenham, Mass., by month’s end as senior vice president and group account director.
“We’ve got tremendous opportunities being presented to the agency every day, and we need to be sure we’ve got the account leadership in place to seize those,” said Mullen president Joe Grimaldi. “Bob is a really strong leader, and he’s going to be a tremendous asset to the company. I’m always looking for good people, and this one just appeared right under our nose.”
Pagano will manage the Sci-Fi Cable Television Network account, Grimaldi said, as well as some of Mullen’s high-tech clients.
Grimaldi added that while Mullen would “absolutely not” go after any of PS&K’s current accounts, he was “confident” the shop would at least have a discussion with Dexter Shoe Co., which said it would review before Pagano confirmed his intent to leave the Boston agency by the end of this month [Adweek, Oct. 13].
He considered several options, including forming his own consulting firm, but decided he wanted to work closely with clients at a larger shop. “It’s kind of hard to do that when you run an agency,” Pagano explained. “I decided maybe I wanted to go to another agency. I have a lot of synergy with Mullen and felt culturally that would be a good fit for me,” he added.
Pagano declined to discuss the terms of his deal with partner Woody Kay but said, “We’re doing all the usual things people do in this situation. Our clients have been incredibly supportive, and I want this agency to be very successful.”
Pagano last worked exclusively in client service at Leonard/Monahan in Providence, R.I., 11 years ago before he, Kay and Ernie Schenck broke away to start their own shop. Schenck left the partnership after three years. At its peak last year, the agency boasted billings of $38 million and clients such as Dexter, Data General and A.T. Cross.
The past few months have been tumultuous for PS&K, with the sudden and acrimonious departure of president Rick Sandler to crosstown startup Hawley Cauley Sandler and flagship client Dexter going into review after 11 years.