Paas Makes TV Debut

NEW YORK Easter egg rolling season is just around the corner, a fitting time for Paas Easter Egg Decoration Kits to launch its first TV spot that celebrates the joys of this age-old tradition.

Paas, a unit of Ocala, Fla.-based Signature Brands, tapped the Sawtooth Group, Woodbridge, N.J., for its first TV ad since the company’s founding 125 years ago. Breaking this week, the 15-second ad launches on national cable stations throughout the country, including Hallmark, Food Network, Lifetime and ABC Family.

“Our challenge was to solidify the connection between Paas and Easter as a whole,” said Kristi Bridges, creative director, partner at Sawtooth. “By creating a campaign based around passing on the Easter tradition from generation to generation, we feel that we are highlighting the role the brand has played during the holiday for over 125 years.” Paas estimates that as many as 180 million eggs are decorated annually during Easter.

The poignant spot shows a young boy passing on the tradition to his infant sister in a high chair. The boy tells his gurgling little sister how to dunk a plain egg in the dye liquid to come up with a blue egg. “Why don’t I give you a pink one just to make sure,” he tells her. The tagline is, “Only Easter. Only Paas.”

“Our new TV ad celebrates this tradition through the creativity of a child and the sentimental expression of the brand,” said Evan Eckman, svp, marketing and sales, Signature Brands.

Print ads originally launched last year will be reprised to run in women’s and general interest titles and, like TV, aim to capture the brand’s nostalgic equity.

Ad spend is pegged at slightly more than $1 million. Paas posted $700,000 in print alone last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.