THE P-O-P BOOM: Before Long, You’ll Need a Machete to Cut Through the In-Store Clutter

As stores become stuffed to the rafters with more and more point-of-purchase materials, you may wonder whether they’ll run out of room for the products they’re supposed to be selling. So far, though, advertisers display an undiminished enthusiasm for the medium. The chart here – reflecting data from the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute’s First Annual P-O-P Buyers Survey – certainly suggests there’s no end in sight to the P-O-P proliferation. (The report defines Permanent P-O-P as displays intended to be used for six months or more, Temporary as those designed for less than six months’ use and In-Store Media as the shelf-talkers, coupon dispensers, shopping-cart ads, etc., executed by a company other than the manufacturer or retailer.) Counter/shelf/table units were the most popular forms of P-O-P in both the Permanent and Temporary categories, while shelf talkers were the most popular of the In-Store Media. In a section on ‘Attitudes Toward P-O -P,’ the report did find 57% of respondents agreeing (either somewhat or strongly) that the rise of ‘clean floor policies’ among retailers has had an impact on the sorts of P-O-P materials they use.
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