OVAB Gets Rebranding Treatment

Just three years after it was founded to represent the burgeoning digital out-of-home advertising medium, the Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) announced Wednesday (March 24) it is changing its name. The new name of the organization, Digital Place-based Advertising Association, was selected following a vote by its members.

The organization concluded that a rebranding would better represent the medium it serves, by emphasizing the medium’s plethora of venues and technology.

“The new name reflects how the industry will position these unique benefits to advertisers and their agency partners,” said Suzanne La Forgia, president of the DPAA.

“The new name harnesses the assets of the media, by speaking to its technology and placement and ultimately will help to better define the space and its value to the industry at large,” said Christina Radigan, associate director of marketing and communications for OMG/OMA.

While the name of the organization has changed, the mission of DPAA remains the same: to make it easier for advertisers to plan, buy and evaluate the effectiveness of digital place-based ad networks.