Outside The Office

When female baby boomers streamed into the workplace, “motherhood” and “career” were cast as polar opposites. Generation Y women view things differently, says a report by Silver Stork Research. They see motherhood itself as a career and feel the demands of paid work must not encroach unduly on the time entailed in child-rearing. The poll, fielded in February among 400-plus women ages 18-28, found 85 percent plan to become (or already are) mothers. Seven of 10 feel it’s important that one parent stay home to raise the kids, although 90 percent plan to return to work eventually. And nearly nine of 10 “are willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.” As the chart indicates, women hope to cede just so much time to their jobs. Indeed, time is “the No. 1 thing they will give to their children in comparison to their own parents.”