Outdoor Verifying Moves To Desktop

Zoom Media, the New York-based outdoor advertising company, and technology firm Ayuda Media Management Systems are unveiling a new automated proof-of-performance system this week that buyers say could significantly streamline the process for verifying orders for outdoor advertisers.

The new system, which Zoom developed with Ayuda, based in Montreal, is an Internet-based service that provides same-day verification that ads have been posted for display. Most of the industry still relies on non-automated verification systems that can take up to a month or more to complete after a campaign has been fully posted.

The new system, called BMS.Net (Billboard Management System), allows clients to track outdoor ads throughout the posting period from their desktop computers. The system reports the date of the posting for all ads, photos, the location of ads and Mapquest-like directions to each site.

Zoom and Ayuda will be demonstrating the new system at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s conference, taking place in Chicago this week.

Zoom president Dennis Roche said the new system provides more credibility to vendors and greater accessibility for advertisers considering outdoor ads. “It’s a solution in a box for telescoping the time needed for proof of performance,” he said.

Andrea McDonald, CEO of McDonald Media, a New York-based outdoor ad agency, says the new system has the potential to “completely revolutionize and simplify the planning process” for outdoor.

Ayuda will begin licensing the system to third parties some time in the second half of the year, said Roche. McDonald said her agency will be first in line.