The California Dept. of Social Services’ Office of Child Abuse Prevention is set to search for an agency to handle a $1.6 million campaign.
Spending on the child abuse prevention effort will be spread out over 24 months, said Sidonie Squier, a representative for the government office in Sacramento.
The OCAP has mailed out notices to dozens of agencies in its database, asking them if they wish to receive a request for proposals, Squier said.
Officials hope the RFPs will be ready for mailing by Sept. 1. Prospective agencies will have 90 days to respond, and a decision should be made by Jan. 1, Squier said.
Interested agencies will be asked to devise a media plan with the available funds, said Squier. They must have an office in California, and those with experience in what Squier called “social marketing” will be at an advantage, she said.
-James Zoltak