Ouidad Hair Care Lands at Tractenberg

NEW YORK Tractenberg Advertising has acquired the $6 million Ouidad hair care account, a brand formerly at Lowe here, according to the agency.

The 12-person agency presented the client with project work this spring for Boots, a British pharmacy chain that test marketed 10 brands in Connecticut and Colorado, said agency president Joel Tractenberg.

“We’re looking to Tractenberg to help solidify our place as the premier curly hair product,” said Ouidad founder Peter Wise. “Tractenberg has a very strong background in direct-to-consumer marketing.”

Though Ouidad is available through selected salons, most of the product is sold direct to consumer, Wise said. Ads will drive traffic to the company’s Web site, where consumers can learn more about the product.

The New York independent is set to break its first advertising in March issues of fashion magazines like In Style, Vogue and Oprah.

Ouidad parted ways with Lowe in March, after a yearlong relationship with the agency and a campaign that launched in the spring, according to Wise. Ouidad spent about $2 million on ads from January through September this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“I think it was misunderstood by the consumers,” Wise said about Lowe’s work. “A lot of people in the industry thought it was very sophisticated. It depicted women and their emotional stress with their hair.

“But because it had a black background and the person was staring blankly off, people thought, ‘What is this? Is this woman depressed?’ “