Otherwise Takes Orbitz Ads Online

CHICAGO Otherwise Incorporated launched destinationorbitz.com as a microsite to introduce Orbitz’ recently released advertising campaign to the online world.

The Chicago strategic design firm created a new Web-based campaign featuring marionettes that parallel the characters featured in the TV campaign from Young & Rubicam, Chicago, which debuted last week.

Components of the integrated campaign include the development of the Web site, screen savers, wallpaper and new e-mail correspondence reflecting the “Destination: Orbitz” theme.

The site contains information for users to download, including biographies and photos of the marionettes featured in the commercials.

“In order for this campaign to be successful, we worked collaboratively with Orbitz and the Y&R team, with the premise that the online branding and visual design is equally as important as the extensive offline work,” said Mark Rattin, Otherwise’s creative director, in a statement.