Other Agency Launches First Caliber Campaign

The Other Agency has launched its first work for Caliber Learning Network.

Spending is in the six-figure range and the effort is tagged “Smarter made simpler.” The campaign consists of three print ads running in trade publications such as Selling Power and Sales and Marketing Management.

The ads, which target senior-level sales and training personnel, use humor to show that individuals can learn virtually any skill through Caliber e-learning. One ad features a baby in potty-training who learns by watching another baby do it on a computer screen. The headline reads, “We’ve made e-learning so simple, anyone can use it.” Another execution shows a woman learning how to swim in her bathtub.

Previous ads for Caliber from the Ball Group, Lancaster, Pa., were tagged “Powering knowledge on the Net.” The Other Agency, Newton, Mass., picked up the business following a review that finished in September. Media chores are with Mediaworks of Milton, Mass.

“There is a new burgeoning [e-learning] market with thousands of competitors. This has resulted in a lot of confused buyers,” said Kevin Thibodeau, vice president of marketing at Caliber.

Caliber, Baltimore, is a provider of online training services and products for corporations. The idea behind the 180-person company is to offer quality interactive training to salespeople, bypassing costly travel to training locations.

“E-learning has become a catch phrase, but no one has stopped to explain [the term],” said Kevin Owens, vice president and creative director at the 12-person agency.