The Other Agency Crafts Tilion’s First Campaign

The Other Agency has introduced its first campaign supporting the launch of Tilion, a supply chain management company.

Maynard, Mass.-based Tilion provides a Web-based service that uses technology to help companies detect supply chain bottlenecks before they cause manufacturing shutdowns, inventory shortages, and lost sales.

The campaign, tagged “Tilion tells you,” includes three print spreads, four banner ads and a direct mail component. Ads target supply chain managers of Fortune 1000 companies and will appear in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Technology News.

One print execution shows an old-fashioned drawing of a barber giving a man an unattractive haircut. Copy reads, “Total haircuts performed by barber: 83,257. Total haircut styles available: 1. Times you’ll ask dad for another ‘good barber’: 0. What if we did for life what we do for your supply chain?”

Another ad shows a small girl making faces at her dinner plate. Copy reads, “Solving a problem is a lot easier when you see it coming. That’s why, at Tilion, we’ve developed the first Internet-based service that provides on-demand visibility into your entire supply chain performance.”

“The campaign came from the idea that, wouldn’t it be great if you knew ahead of time before you had to endure a bad haircut or prepare a meal that your kids just aren’t going to eat?” said Kevin Owens, creative director at The Other Agency, Newton, Mass.

“We truly did not want to come out with traditional advertisements. [Typical trade ads] have trucks, warehouses and airplanes in them,” said Jill Hitchen, director of marketing communications at Tilion. “We wanted to be original and different and add humor to people’s lives.”

The Other Agency handled media buying chores. Budget was in the mid-six figures.

The Other Agency won the business after a small review of undisclosed interactive agencies and design firms.