Organic Valley Shows What Real Women Actually Have Time for in the Morning

And it's not pre-work yoga

Headshot of Katie Richards

You've probably seen them before, those ads where a professional woman springs out of bed before the sun even rises, already looking impeccable and ready to do an hour of hot yoga in her underwear or make an elegant meal for her family all before leaving for work. There might be women like that out there, but a new campaign from Organic Valley says most women don't do that, and it has the statistics to back that claim up.

Touting the brand's line of organic balance protein shakes, Organic Valley created the "Real Morning Report" campaign to learn what women's mornings are really like. Humanaut, also behind Organic Valley's hilarious "Save the Bros" campaign, created the latest "Real Morning Report" work.

SoundView Research conducted some original research on the topic in February 2016, polling 1,000 American women between the ages of 25 and 54, all of whom work full time. According to the data, women rank doing their hair and makeup and showering as more important than eating breakfast. Additionally, 79 percent have eaten in a moving vehicle, and 36 percent say they will re-wear dirty clothes. 

The agency took some of the most interesting results from the research to create an illustrated survey online, posing questions like "How often do you check your work email before getting out of bed?" and "Have you ever eaten breakfast in a moving vehicle?"

After analyzing the data, which revealed that no, women do not typically wake up feeling #blessed that it's Monday again and that 33 percent of them never make their beds, Organic Valley came up with a humorous 90-second spot to illustrate its findings.

"There seems to be a growing disconnect between the perfect way women's lives are portrayed on social media and in many commercials, and what our busy, hectic lives really look like," Nicole Mydy, innovation manager for Organic Valley, told Adweek.

"Like most women in commercials, I love to start each day doing yoga in my underwear," one woman says in the ad. In reality, what women do have time for—and no, it's not crow pose or fermenting your own small-batch kombucha—is a quick and easy breakfast in the form of a protein shake.

Organic Valley said the goal of this campaign wasn't to make groundbreaking creative work that would revolutionize the way people and ads portray a woman's morning routine. Instead, it's meant to be silly and lighthearted, and of course, get you to try a morning shake instead of opting for a bowl of cereal or skipping breakfast altogether.

"This campaign is less about trying to change people's behaviors or cultural perceptions, and more about having fun sharing the stories and life hacks of our crazy mornings," Mydy said.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.