Oreo Has an Explosive New Flavor, and Wants You to Create Its Next One

Ellie Kemper helps introduce 'My Oreo Creation'

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Think you’ve got what it takes to create the next great Oreo flavor? Now is your chance.

The Mondelez cookie brand came out with two big pieces of news this morning. One is a new flavor (more on that later), and the other is a contest inviting Oreo fanatics to submit their own tasty flavor ideas. It’s called the “My Oreo Creation” contest. It kicks off today and runs through July 14.

Consumers in the U.S. can submit their creations through Instagram and Twitter using the contest hashtag #MyOreoCreation and #Contest.

“We were just thinking we’ve done such exciting things with the cookie that we’ve never done before. What should we do next?” said Madeline Vincent, brand manager of Oreo Cookies. “We just thought there would be no one better to help us brainstorm than our fans who already have these amazing ideas and are already sharing them.”

Fans will choose the grand prize winner for the contest, and that winner will score a whopping $500,000, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Oreo creations are brought to life and, of course, a chance to see their product on store shelves. Three finalists will walk away with $25,000 each. Plus, their idea will be sold on select retail shelves with an “on-pack shout-out.”

The competition launches today, along with the debut of a new limited-edition Oreo flavor, Firework Oreos, straight out of the Oreo Wonder Vault. Inside the Oreo cookie cream you’ll find popping candy.

“For the past couple of years, we’ve really been pushing ourselves to come up with great flavors to bring to life as an Oreo cookie, but this is really the first time we’ve brought an experience, the wonder of a fireworks show, and bringing it to life,” Vincent said. “That’s what make Oreo so fun, that we find these unexpected and unique flavors that people might never have thought were possible.”

If you’re looking to submit your flavor creation to Oreo, there’s a few things you should keep in mind. Winning entries will be judged on a few different criteria with the most weight (40 percent) being put on creativity. The remaining 60 percent focuses on originality of the idea (30 percent) and taste appeal (30 percent).

The winning flavors will launch in 2018.

Need some inspiration? Oreo released the video above to help get those creative wheels turning. And below, check out a couple of celebrity #MyOreoCreation videos, from Tituss Burgess and Katie Lowes.

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