Orbit Gum Saves You From Sticky Situations in Fun Ads From BBDO

From bank robbers to bullies

You find yourself caught up in a bank robbery, face down on the floor, praying for your life as a bunch of animal-masked miscreants blow open the safe. What do you do?

Pop a piece of Orbit Gum in your festering gob, that’s what.

At least then you’ll have the confidence that comes from fresh, minty breath when you ask out the cute gal lying next to you.


A bank robbery—the felony du jour for all kinds of advertisers—is just one silly scenario posed by Wrigley’s Orbit Gum in its latest “Time to Shine” commercials from Energy BBDO and CLM BBDO.

“We always want to resonate with people on an emotional level,” says Steve Johnson, client vp of gum and mints. “These ads are a lighthearted take on confidence, and tap into relatable moments in an unexpected way.”

If you can’t relate to being held hostage by bank robbers, keep your pants on. Maybe this take on undergrad lust-us interruptus will make your heart beat faster:


That dude is in for a major chewing out. At the very least.

Next, Orbit helps some nerd-meister mouth off to a bully:

Whoa, he can gawk and chew gum at the same time!

All in all, it’s highly watchable, sitcom-y stuff, with quick-paced, cinematic direction from MJZ veteran Craig Gillespie that lets the gum-in-cheek quality shine through.

“We’re looking to reach a broad audience with these ads,” Johnson says. “I think people will see themselves in the work. Even the story lines of ‘Pants’ and ‘Lunch Money,’ which resonate strongly with millennials, will give other audiences a laugh.”

Client: Orbit
Agencies: Energy BBDO and CLM BBDO

Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez
Executive Creative Director: Pedro Pérez
Exectuive Creative Director: Josh Gross

Associate Creative Director: Josejuan Toledo
Associate Creative Director: Sofia Gonzales

“Lunch Money”
Copywriter: Colin O’Toole
Art Director: Hansel Quintela
Copywriter: Mishal Jagjivan
Art Director: Jenn Garcia

Copywriter: Andrew Ure
Art Director: Matt Denyer

Lead Designer: Hung Vinh
Jr. Digital Designer: Erin Knott

Director of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel
Executive Producer: John Pratt
Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers
Associate Music Producer: Nick Maker

Vice President: Julien Lemoine
Group Account Director: Melanie Marchand
Global Strategic Planner: Veronique Bernard
Account Executive: Lena Lieuvin

Client Service Director: Lianne Sinclair
Account Supervisor: Brittany Peskind
Account Executive: Kristen Miller

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie
President: David Zander
Producer: Emma Wilcockson
UPM: Deb Tietjen

Editorial Company: White House Post Chicago
Editor: Matthew Wood
Producer: Lauren Connolly

VFX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Andrew Sommerville
Producer: Mike Pullan
Colourist: Luke Morrison
Creative Director: Jay Bandlish

Audio: Another Country
Audio Sound Design/MIx: John Binder
Audio Executive Producer: Tim Konn
Audio Producer : Louise Rider
Assistant Audio Engineer: Mike Regan

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