Orangina Deployed Genie-Infused Cans to Get People to Shake Them

An exercise in wishful thinking?

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To get the most out of your Orangina, it’s critical to shake it so the pulp mixes with all the fizzy juice. This is counterintuitive behavior; every other carbonated drink on the market has trained us never to shake the can … unless you want it to explode down the front of your shirt.

But that extra little jiggle is critical to Orangina’s positioning, and its marketing revolves around getting people to do it. The brand has tried butt-shaking dance contests, cans printed upside-down and even the old sex-sells chestnut.

This time, with help from Buzzman in Paris, it’s shooting for your wishbone.

The “Wiiish Box” campaign capitalizes on our innate desire to get stuff we want handed to us by a magical entity who, for whatever reason—enslavement or fuzzy familial ties—is compelled to indulge us.

On May 14, 20 million “Wiiish Box” cans were released in the French market but just 50 thousand contained a “genie,” able to...



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