Open Source Firm Taps Greenough

BOSTON Greenough Communications said it has added Red Hat for U.S. public relations efforts.

The client in Raleigh, N.C., is a leading provider of Linux and open source software applications, as well as training and service programs for corporations and developers worldwide.

Independent Greenough in Boston said it would immediately begin reaching out to the business media and other “corporate thought leaders” on behalf of the client. Racepoint Group in Waltham, Mass., had previously represented Red Hat, which shifted to Greenough without a review, the agency said.

“We have a tradition of working with leaders like Intel and Citrix,” a Greenough representative said. Adding Red Hat is important because it “continues that tradition with its leadership in open source.”

Greenough has scored twice of late, having added Mercury Computer Systems to its roster just a few weeks ago [Adweek Online, March 1].

—Adweek staff report