Online Wins Poll Position

In some circles, cybersurveys are not considered as scientific as surcharged 900-number polls.
But Digital Marketing Services, a Dallas-based joint venture of America Online and The M/A/R/C Group of Irving, Texas, said it has completed a research study–via modem–showing online surveys can net usable results.
According to DMS, a poll of 2,147 AOL users showed that 68 percent had also participated in telephone, mall or mail surveys in the past. Of those polled, 91 percent said they are likely to take online surveys again in the next six months.
That figure is higher than those willing to sit or stand still for another poll over the phone or while shopping, reported DMS.
“Our research concludes that online surveys are reaching the same consumer groups that traditional research methods are targeting, but with more success,” said Shelly Bracken, DMS vice president of research services.
DMS said its survey included customized screening, quota management and random selection.
–Glen Fest