Online Video Fails to Satisfy, Study Says

NEW YORK Nearly 67 million online adults have watched streaming video or TV content via a Web site service, according to a newly released study conducted by Prophis eResearch. That is approximately 46 percent of the audience polled.

Though the amount of available video content on the Internet is enormous, the viewing experience left many users less than satisfied. According to the survey, only 22 percent were completely satisfied with picture and sound quality of online video, while nearly one in five expressed dissatisfaction.

Upon dissecting the cause for the complaints, the study found that picture resolution and lack of picture size were the most irksome problems, with 43 percent citing the former, and 42 percent citing the latter.

Other complaints included speed of transmission (32 percent), the quality of the video as it streamed (36 percent), and sound quality (21 percent).

In all, only 17 percent of those who viewed online video content were satisfied with the quality.

Prophis Research and Consulting is an independent marketing research and consulting company based in Vancouver, Canada.

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