One-Upping Film Hero

Calling Indiana Jones! Can you handle a job for the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA)? Or at least that’s the idea behind “Peace of Mind,” an action-packed TV spot from Atlanta’s WestWayne for the retailer and service center.
In a 30-second ad that recalls the in-motion sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford and a truckload of Nazis, a dogged NAPA mechanic climbs out of, all over and finally under a moving SUV to investigate a suspicious rattling noise.
“With our six-month, 60,000-mile ‘Peace of Mind’ warranty, it’s like having a certified technician on board,” says the voiceover.
Turns out it’s just a twig, no problem . . . until the spot ends with another, more disturbing noise from beneath the vehicle. Anybody got a bullwhip?
Credits include chief creative officer Luke Sullivan, creative director Ted Nelson, art director Cathy Carlisi, copywriter Terry Doyle and Spielberg-influenced director Craig Henderson.
–T.W. Siebert