One From the Heart: Hal Riney & Partners Gives Kinko’s the Human Touch in a New Series of TV Spots

Kinko’s attempts to show its human side in the latest extension of the chain’s “New way to office” campaign from Hal Riney & Partners/Heartland based here.
The yearlong campaign breaks Sept. 8, with TV spots on broadcast and cable networks. It will be followed by the Ventura, Calif.-based company’s first discount and value-added promotional efforts, said Charlotte McGee, advertising director at Kinko’s.
The new work tries to add a human dimension to the technological leadership Kinko’s has claimed in the business service and document reproduction field.
Some of the TV spots center on the so-called “hand off,” the moment when a customer turns over documents to a Kinko’s employee, which McGee said can be a bit nerve-racking.
“This is my life,” says a businessman in one spot, as he hands a Kinko’s clerk a computer disc.
“We’re reinforcing that we work with professionals every day, and that we care. There’s a bit of heart in here,” McGee said.
According to Competitive Media Reporting, Kinko’s spent $21 million on advertising in 1996, a level McGee said is expected to remain.
The national promotions would not have been possible before January, when Kinko’s took control of all of its approximately 850 locations from owner/operators.
The company’s first promotion will be a buy one, get one free deal for overhead transparencies, bindings and in-store computer rental time.