ONDCP Continues Terror-Link Ads for Super Bowl

WASHINGTON The White House will break two spots in the Super Bowl this weekend, and two during the event’s pregame, the Office of National Drug Control Policy said. Two spots, by Ogilvy & Mather, New York, continue the drugs and terror theme ONDCP launched during last year’s Super Bowl. Two other spots feature new work by McCann-Erickson, New York, which focus on the bad things that can happen after smoking marijuana.

“One negative consequence of marijuana is it impairs your judgment,” said Alan Levitt, director of ONDCP’s campaign. “Another is it slows your reaction time.”

In the Ogilvy work, called “Ghosts,” people who once bought drugs are haunted by phantoms who were innocent victims of violence in the drug trade. In the 30-second spot “Subway,” a man riding on the New York subway late at night is approached by ghosts who say, “You killed us.” “What?” the startled man replies. “I was on my way home riding my bike,” a ghost says. “You beat me to death.” “You slit my throat,” another ghost says. “It was your money.”

The second Ogilvy spot, called “Office,” features a similar theme where ghosts approach a woman seated in her office.

Meanwhile, the McCann work, done through the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, kicks off a new marijuana campaign that will air until June. The campaign includes five 30-second television spots, two radio spots and three print ads. One spot, “Pregnancy Test,” will air during the Super Bowl and a second, “Roadside Memorial,” during the pregame.

In “Pregnancy Test,” two parents learn the results of a home pregnancy test. Words on the screen tell viewers the parents will be the “youngest grandparents in town” as the camera shifts to their 14-year-old daughter who had taken the test. “Smoking marijuana impairs your judgement,” the voiceover says. “It’s more harmful than we all thought.”

“Roadside Memorial” shows a grieving teenager putting flowers at a roadside memorial. Viewers then learn that the teen was the stoned driver who killed his brother.

A third spot called “Dummies” breaks next Monday and features two crash dummies sharing a joint just before their car crashes into a wall. The McCann work will air on WB, Fox and UPN.