Once Gender Neutral, Sure Is Now Going For the Ladies

Thanks to Axe

Remember Sure? Sure you do—well, maybe you do. Introduced in 1973, it became a household name in the ’80s with its “Raise your hand if you’re Sure” tagline. But the arrival of the virile Axe brand in 2002 drove a wedge in the unisex deodorant category, cleaving it by gender. When Sure’s market share dipped to 3 percent, Procter & Gamble sold it off. Sure’s current owner, Idelle Labs, has introduced a redesigned package targeted at female consumers. “With the understanding that making a major change in the brand’s positioning is risky, we elected to modernize the shelf image and capitalize on the fact that women are more likely to see Sure as the brand for them,” said Idelle senior director Rick Cutler. Here, Ryan Lynch of Beardwood & Co., which handled the redesign, points out some features of the new packaging.