Omnicom On Move

Omnicom Group is moving its two major DaimlerChrysler agencies into adjacent buildings in Troy, Mich. The move will allow them to be closer to the client and better coordinate work.
Ross Roy Communications and BBDO are now in offices about 30 minutes apart. Ross Roy, which handles most of Daimler-Chrysler’s collateral activity, has outgrown its Bloomfield Hills quarters. BBDO is in Southfield, Mich., which was once close to Chrysler’s downtown Detroit headquarters. When the automaker moved to the northern suburb of Auburn Hills, BBDO was then 35 minutes away.
The complex into which the agencies are moving is about an eight-minute drive from Daimler-Chrysler headquarters. The agencies are considering implementing a shuttle bus to the client, said Tom Clark, PentaMark president and vice chairman of BBDO Worldwide.
The move will assist BBDO and Ross Roy’s goal of working in a more integrated fashion, Clark said. Now, about 50 people from each agency drive to the other shop in order to work together.
Ross Roy and its 800 employees will occupy all six floors of one of the buildings and a floor and a half of the other.
The 250 employees of BBDO and its managerial unit, PentaMark, will occupy two floors of the second building. Other tenants will make up the remaining floors.
PentaCom, which handles media planning and buying for DaimlerChrysler, will remain in its Troy offices until its lease is up in two years.
It will not be decided until then whether PentaCom will join its sister Omnicom units in the new building, Clark said.