Perma Soft shampoo is growing up and so are its customers. The DowBrands 1983 upstart enjoyed exclusivity for many years as the only product that addressed the needs of the millions of people who permed their hair.
Now, a decade later, DowBrands and its agency CME/KHBB, Minneapolis, faced with stiff competition and changing perm trends, have come up with a new strategy, target customer and ad campaign that broke last week.
‘We did research that told us our target customers, are now a bit older, starting about 24 to 25 years old,’ said John Purdy, CME/KHBB management supervisor. ‘These are people who perm regularly, not as a fashion whim like younger people do, and are very knowledgeable.’
The new campaign, titled ‘Q&A’ takes a direct and information approach in a 15-second spot format and magazine ads. It asks the question, ‘How do you get your perm to look and feel like it isn’t? Perma Soft. Naturally.’ DowBrands is expected to spend about $10 million in 1993 on the Perma Soft line.
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