Old Spice “Raven”

NFL linebacker Ray Lewis takes over Isaiah Mustafa’s shower scenes in a new Old Spice commercial breaking tonight. The Baltimore Raven swaps a ride on a horse for a flight on a giant, laser-shooting bird instead. That’s right, he’s not on a horse, he’s on a giant, jet-propelled raven and obliterates Saturn along the way. “I don’t play fantasy football,” he barks as he comes out of the shower and saddles up the unusual ride waiting for him outside his window. “It’s like a fantasy, only it’s real,” he roars as he slaps the backside of the bird on takeoff. Sadly, no washboard abs on display here. He’s covered in a blanket of soap bubbles, and Lewis just doesn’t have the same, um, Swagger as the mighty Mustafa. The ad ends with the familiar Old Spice mnemonic and a graphic banner that dubs the body wash as the “Greatest Smell in the NFL.” The performance and the dialogue is nowhere near as funny and impeccably timed as the Mustafa series, but continues on the oddball track taken by the brand’s advertising in recent years. Maybe it’s a new scent that just takes a little getting used to and smells better over time. Lewis does have a big towel to fill. —Eleftheria Parpis