Old Spice “I’m Back”

He’s baaaaaack. Yes, the mighty Isaiah Mustafa is back for Old Spice. In a teaser video for an upcoming campaign for the Old Spice Fresh Collection posted on the brand’s Facebook page today, the sexy, chiseled spokes-star is right where we left him, in the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. He opens with his standard, “Hello, ladies,” adding, “and men, mammals, beast and the mighty sequoias of the redwood forest.” The point here is for Mustafa to stir up buzz for the new national push for the deodorant, body spray and body wash line. As usual, his monologue veers to all sorts of unabashed compliments about his general awesomeness, including the fact that he hasn’t returned because he forgot his jacket. In fact, making such a garment becomes impossible, he explains, when the seamstresses see his “wildly exaggerated body mass distribution” and they cry tears of both joy and confusion. Back for a new “entertaining” and “informative” campaign, he invites viewers to stare into his “striking brown eyes” as he remembers his past ads. “You can’t get past the striking brown eyes can you?” More great writing, performances and those striking brown eyes will be showcased in a campaign that will incorporate TV, print and digital. A “super fan,” says Wieden + Kennedy, will determine how the world sees one of the new spots. For now, everyone will have to make do with replays and staring into those striking brown eyes. And staring at those abs.–Eleftheria Parpis