Old Spice, Up in Arms

NEW YORK Armpits are an overlooked media vehicle, at least according to a funny new Old Spice campaign from Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore., introducing the limited Old Spice Nascar Collector Series High Endurance deodorants and body washes. The spot’s set up is one seen many, many times, but the comic details deliver. The president of “Old Spice Marketing” tells viewers his group has “pioneered a unique media opportunity”—Tony Stewart’s armpits. The ad cuts to heavy-metal-backed shots of the race car driver with his hands held high and bright promotional patches for the line screaming “Old Spice Collector Series” on his right and “In stores now!” on his left. His arms are held high to showcase the signage—he’s seen pumping up the fans pumping iron and even conducting an interview with his arms up to showcase the signage. The ad ends back in the office, with the president matter-of-factly looking into the camera as he crosses his legs with a “told you so” stare.