Old School

Martinis may be in with today’s young swingers, but for middle-aged executives, having three of them at noon is these days viewed as an almost quaint habit from a bygone era.
While no one at DiMeo & Co. in Chicago claims to actually take part, the agency isn’t above celebrating the ritual in print ads promoting itself. And perhaps helping out vendors for a client at the same time.
Programs for the Schaumburg Flyers minor league baseball team, for which DiMeo does advertising, will include an ad that shows three martinis above the caption “Lunch,” five above “Dinner” and eight beers over “Baseball Game.”
“God, we love the baseball business,” reads the copy above the agency’s logo and phone number.
“Some people were saying, “Not everyone will appreciate that,'” agency president and chief executive officer Bernie DiMeo acknowledged. “But we thought, “Well if they don’t, they won’t like us either.'” -Trevor Jensen