Old People Behaving Badly: It’s Taco Bell’s Super Bowl Spot

Epic night out from the nursing home in Deutsch :60

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Old people doing absurdly youthful things. It's a time-honored comedy staple that Taco Bell fully embraces in its 2013 Super Bowl spot—a 60-second salute to octogenarian debauchery driven by a Spanish-language version of fun.'s millennial anthem "We Are Young."

The spot, "Viva Young" (posted below), from Deutsch in Los Angeles and Biscuit Filmworks director Noam Murro, shows 87-year-old Bernie Goldblatt—star of the earlier teaser ad—escaping from his retirement home with some ne'er-do-well co-conspirators and embarking on an epic night of partying.

Dancing, trespassing, fireworks, tattoos, nipple flashing, toilet-stall sex—it's all in there. Naturally, the old folks eventually end up at Taco Bell for a "Fourthmeal" before returning to the nursing home as the sun comes up.

The spot will air toward the end of the second quarter of this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast on CBS.

While the visuals are flashy, the spot's energy mostly derives from the soundtrack. Deutsch creatives Gordy Sang and Brian Siedeband took the original fun. song and translated it using Google Translate to create "Nosotros Somos Jovenes." The finished song was recorded by Elias Music.

"There's a common misconception that to appeal to millennials you have to show millennials. The reality is to appeal to them you simply need to entertain and engage them. And that's what this entire integrated effort does," said Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA. "We've all had an epic night out on the town followed by a trip to Taco Bell. 'Viva Young' is a surprising and fresh way to remind people of that."

"By releasing "Viva Young" online before the Super Bowl, we're rewarding our biggest fans and bringing them inside the brand," added Brian Niccol, chief marketing and innovation officer at Taco Bell Corp. "We want to share the spot with our Team Members, franchisees and online fans first so they're in the know before Super Bowl Sunday, so we can engage with them in social and digital spaces."

Taco Bell is also running a pre-game ad launching the new Cantina Bell Steak Burrito. And on Monday, Feb. 4, it will launch a one-day Facebook offer for a free churro with any purchase.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.