Old Navy Issues ‘Blue Alert’

NEW YORK The best thing about this Old Navy commercial touting the retailer’s new fits for women’s jeans is the sultry and soulful rendition of “Blue Alert” by Madeleine Peyroux. The tune, co-written by Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas, provides the seductive rhythms and lyrics to introduce the “Diva,” “Flirt” and “Sweetheart” fits, which all have different waist rises. The spot, featuring three women in a city setting (each represents a different pair of jeans), begins with Peyroux singing, “There’s perfume burning in the air, bits of beauty everywhere.” The “Diva” gets a foot rub; the “Sweetheart” nuzzles her puppy; and the “Flirt” teases an attractive man. Despite the fact that the trio walks off down the street together Charlie’s Angels-style, the spot gives Old Navy the sophistication smart-shopping fashionistas expect. The effort was crafted in-house.