Olay Battles the STEM Gender Gap; The Secrets of Branded Pandemic Signage: Thursday’s First Things First

Plus, the top performing ad sectors of 2020 and a new problem with Facebook

Olay has extended its partner network to the United Negro College Fund to help make strides toward the brand's 10-year commitment to closing the STEM gap. Olay
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Olay’s New Campaign Uses Scientific Formulas to Explain the Gender Gap in STEM

Skincare brand Olay has taken the next step in its quest to achieve equality for women with a campaign to bring balance to STEM fields. #FaceTheSTEMGap, which follows its #MakeSpaceForWomen Super Bowl LIV spot, was created with Saatchi & Saatchi New York and includes real women STEM leaders including Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code, software engineer Erica Joy Baker, theoretical physicist Sabrina Gonzalez-Pasterski and the youngest astronaut-in-training, Alyssa Carson.

Watch: Two spots highlight scientific facts about the STEM gender gap to showcase women scientists and to encourage more women—especially women of color—to enter STEM fields.

Premium | How Signage Helps Brands Connect With Consumers and Keep Them Safe

As more businesses and public spaces open, taking measures to create a safe environment for customers and employees is key—and signage and wayfinding elements are the keys to communicating those measures and processes. After all, shouting through a mask from six feet away gets old pretty fast. We talked to Levain Bakery, Walgreens and design experts about the best practices they’re using to guide the public amid the pandemic. Here are a couple of key takeaways:

  • Designing a branded, eye-catching signage system will ensure that visitors clearly understand how to navigate retail locations and other public spaces safely.
  • Nailing the right tone is vital. If you’re in a healthcare space like Walgreens, clarity and authority take precedence, but in a more lighthearted location like Levain, you can afford to inject some levity.

Learn the secrets: Could signage encouraging healthy behaviors be a permanent fixture?

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Facebook Warns Publishers iOS 14 Fallout Could Impact Audience Network by 50%

Facebook is warning advertisers that they could lose up to 50% of their ad revenue from the platform’s Audience Network—the social network’s ad network for app developers—with the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14, which will include the end of collecting iPhone identifiers (IDFA). The move effectively halts personalized in-app ads on iPhone after customers upgrade to the OS, which will happen as soon as next month. 

What that means: It’s just the latest impact the update will have on the ad industry.

The Top-Performing Ad Sectors of Q2 2020

Data-driven consultant Matthew Scott Goldstein has shared his official thoughts on Q2 as a whole, including an exploration of the key findings from the quarter. Key factors include the forever-changed media landscape, the trials agencies are facing right now, the DTC boom, the potential sale of TikTok and the impending arrival of iOS 14. Here are a few key insights:

  • Advertisers must remain flexible and prepare to pause or change campaigns on a dime.
  • Streaming and CTV the only way to go in the TV space, and radio and print won’t be the same again after this.
  • Twitter had a disappointing quarter, Snapchat had an excellent one, and the future of TikTok depends on its next moves (and owner).

Discover more: Uncertainty persists in the market, but some key insights can be extrapolated from Q2’s numbers.

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