O’Keefe Takes Charge

By Jim Osterman

ATLANTA–Kelly O’Keefe, found-er of Cadmus/O’Keefe in Rich-mond, Va. (formerly O’Keefe Marketing), has been named group president of the marketing communications group, with oversight of Cadmus/O’Keefe, Cadmus Direct, Cadmus Publishing, Cadmus Inter-active and 3Score.

Stepping in to fulfill O’Keefe’s former duties is Matt Thornhill, who joined the agency in December. Thornhill assumes the presidency of Cadmus/O’Keefe.

‘For me it’s an opportunity to look at a bigger picture than just the day-to-day agency things,’ O’Keefe said last week. ‘It also gives me the reach to do the things I’d like to do on a personal scale.’

O’Keefe, who founded his agency in 1990, quickly established it as one of the first versed in new media. It was acquired last year by Cadmus.

‘Since becoming part of Cadmus, I’ve been pulled in several directions,’ O’Keefe said. ‘We’re trying to turn this into an integrated communications firm. As such, O’Keefe hasn’t had a full-time focused leader.’

Into that void steps Thornhill, recruited late last year from his post as senior vice president at another Richmond shop, The Martin Agency.

‘Kelly and I are kindred spirits,’ Thornhill said. ‘Not just on how to run the agency, but where the business is going. He started the interactive division before most people were aware of it because he knew it was going to be pretty important. When they started talking to me about (joining the agency), I could see it was a great agency with great accounts.’

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