OkCupid Is Trying to Make ‘VILF’ Happen Ahead of the Election

Dating app is hoping the slang celebrating the sexiness of voting will catch on

OkCupid wants VILF to enter the vernacular. OkCupid
Headshot of Kimeko McCoy

You may be familiar with the term MILF and its counterpart, DILF. But what does it mean to be a VILF? If you don’t know, it’s Voter I’d Like to … well, we’ll let you finish the rest. It’s a term OkCupid is trying to add to our collective vocabulary to show that voting can be sexy.

Its latest campaign amplifies the dating app’s recently launched 2020 voter badge, which allows users to notify other singles of their status—voter status, that is. Created in partnership with Mischief @ No Fixed Address, the agency co-founded by former BBDO chief creative officer Greg Hahn in June, the VILF campaign launches today with an online video spoofing political attack ads and an activation in Washington, D.C. It also includes an influencer makeup tutorial that OkCupid said “takes an unexpected turn when viewers are instead instructed on how to vote,” as well as out-of-home ads in New York and Los Angeles.

To promote the push, OkCupid has created branded swag ranging from condoms and lawn signs to button pins, stickers, T-shirts and bags.

This is the first collaboration between Mischief and OkCupid, and it comes during a defining moment in political history, said Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at OkCupid.

“Practicing your right to vote is the biggest turn-on to OkCupid singles today, which is why we launched our Voter 2020 badge,” Hobley said in a statement. “Now, we’re using VILF to bring it to life and encourage singles across the nation to register and vote this November, because there’s nothing sexier than exercising your rights to vote.”

Over at Mischief, co-executive creative directors Bianca Guimaraes and Kevin Mulroy shared a similar sentiment, stating: “Is the act of voting inherently super hot? Maybe not. Are you far less attractive if you don’t? Of course. This campaign celebrates all the VILFs out there doing their hot, sexy civic duty.” 

As voting and politics become increasingly important for those dating in 2020, OkCupid is empowering users to match based on what is important to them. According to the release, “a total of 76 percent of OkCupid respondents say how their date leans politically is very important.” Since launching the Voter 2020 Badge, OkCupid reports more than 125,000 users have enabled it on their profile. For those who like numbers, OkCupid unveiled a report that includes a microsite and a state-by-state look at voting issues residents are most passionate about. 

“Now more than ever, daters want to connect with people who share their values. Over the past few years, people on OkCupid have become more vocal about today’s leading issues—from climate change to voting rights,” Ariel Charytan, CEO at OkCupid, said in an email. “We have always empowered people to match on what matters to them, and our millions of daters across the United States overwhelmingly prioritize civic engagement when it comes to finding someone they are compatible with.”

@kimekom Kimeko McCoy is a freelance journalist and digital marketer, who focuses on social strategy, newsletters and audience development.