OkCupid Found a Way to Match Singles Based on Their Love of Game of Thrones

57% of users plan to rewatch the series

OKCupid is matching users based on their Game of Thrones allegiances. Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Sources: HBO, OKCupid
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Entertainment is the most accessible litmus test for building new relationships, platonic or otherwise. We can determine exactly how much time we want to spend with a person based on their definitive ranking of Prince’s albums, or whether a second date would be wise with a person who’s “not into Harry Potter.” As one of the most popular phenomenons in modern pop culture, Game of Thrones seemingly hovers over every connection as an inevitable conversation. For better or worse, it seriously has the power to make or break a bond with even the most romantic of intentions. It would save us all a great deal of time if everyone simply committed to wearing their most colorful, Thrones-related opinion on their sleeves.

OkCupid is the closest to making this a reality. In order to better assist their dragon-obsessed singles, the popular dating platform is launching a special badge just for dedicated viewers of the HBO saga, making it the first dating app to match daters based on their favorite TV show. This development comes just in time for the highly anticipated final season premiere, which airs April 14.

The platform also went the extra step to collect some data that fans might find rather pertinent to their search for a potential mate. OkCupid then cross-referenced this data with a few of their standard relationship questions and found some revealing correlations. For instance, per their findings, those who view Brienne and Tormund as their relationship goals are more likely to challenge gender roles within their own relationships. Also, those who prefer to see the Lannisters win the throne tend to express more pro-Trump sentiments.

Arguably, OkCupid’s most important statistical finding is that there are almost 2 million mentions of Game of Thrones throughout user profiles—the most of any show. Based on this and past trends with similar badges, the company predicts 20 percent more likes and 15 percent more conversations for those donning the badge.

And with 57 percent of OkCupid users intending to rewatch the series before the final season premiere, the first date practically plans itself.

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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.