Oil’s Well in Spots for Jig-A-Loo

NEW YORK How do you sell a Canadian lubricant to an American audience that already has a widely used one?

A new campaign from Taxi, New York, that launches today for Jig-A-Loo, a lubricant similar to WD-40, seeks to answer that question. The campaign takes a humorous approach to all the things Jig-A-Loo can do: lubricate stuck objects such as windows, repel water from clothes and take care of your taxes.

Well, it can’t actually do your taxes, but one of the six new spots, “Tax Man,” has fun imagining what would happen if you lubricated a typical revenue agent (hint: he appears to enjoy beer and dressing like a crazed German woman).

“The product is a classic case of a great product. What a great product needs is attention and it will sell itself,” said Paul Lavoie, the Canadian founder of the New York office of Taxi. “It has a crazy name, which we think is a plus because it’s memorable”

This is the first work for Jig-A-Loo from Taxi since it became the product’s agency of record in November 2006. Jig-A-Loo began appearing in U.S. stores such as Home Depot late last year.

“We’re going into this dull, dormant category that hasn’t been shaken up,” said David Gilmour, CEO of Jig-A-Loo in Montreal. “I want to be funny and on the edge, but our message has to be deadly serious”

The campaign, which Gilmour estimates costs in the “multi-millions,” has three 30-second and three 15-second spots that are set to air on cable channels such as ESPN and Comedy Central. Print will run in newspapers, and a viral effort will be released today.

“People should take notice. We don’t have a $100 million to spend on media so we have to be loud and out there and draw attention to the name,” said Lavoie.

Ultimately, the company hopes that Jig-A-Loo’s unusual name will help drive sales. “People laugh at the name at first, but they don’t forget it,” said Gilmour.