Oh No, Dear, You Aren’t Too Heavy

Any man rashly tempted to tell a woman she’s too heavy should heed a Meredith Corp./NBC Universal poll that examined female attitudes and behavior with respect to health and fitness. Forty percent of women said it’s “wrong for a man to tell a woman that she’s overweight” — easily exceeding the 32 percent who said it’s wrong for a woman to tell a man the same thing.

Another part of the survey made it clear why weight remains such a touchy issue. Just 13 percent of the women surveyed feel they’re at their ideal weight. Thirty-nine percent believe they’re more than 20 pounds overweight, including 16 percent who think they’re more than 50 pounds too heavy.

What do women do in their efforts to be healthy? Seventy percent said they eat more fruits and vegetables. Fewer “make a conscious effort to lower calorie intake” (44 percent), “watch my sugar intake” (44 percent) or “exercise at least three times a week” (43 percent).