Oh, The madness

Finding obsessive basketball fans during March Madness isn’t usually a stretch, but a new television campaign on behalf of NCAA basketball uncovers fresh humor in college basketball’s die-hard devotees.
A campaign that launched last weekend from Caldwell VanRiper/Marc, Indianapolis, focuses on the way the tournament takes over everyday life.
“We wanted to bring that to life in a different fashion,” said executive producer Sherry Boyle. “You’re just watching games all the time and you get hooked.”
In one execution, a distracted doctor prompts a couple to think they will have triplets after he shouts out “Three” in response to the action on the television set beside an ultrasound monitor.
Another spot has a security guard so absorbed in a basketball game that he is oblivious to the monitors showing ninjas fighting, a fire raging and goats roaming the building.
The $8 million campaign is themed: “If it happens to my team, it happens to me. … NCAA Basketball. … Who’s your team?”
–Jenn Goddu