OgilvyOne Welcomes Visitors Aboard DHL

NEW YORK DHL is hoping for a viral hit with a new animated video site that lampoons long waits in everyday life.

WPP Group’s OgilvyOne in New York created “The Waitin’ Woes” Web site (www.waitinwoes.com), a mixture of JibJab-like animation, country music and user-created content. Visitors to the venue can upload photos of themselves and friends to be displayed in animations portraying waits at the DMV, doctor’s office, for the cable guy and at the altar.

After the photos are uploaded and an animation is created, users can e-mail them to friends. Each “Woes” video ends with the message, “We know waitin’s a drag. That’s why we’re doing something about it.” It includes a link to a DHL Web site.

New Line Cinema’s Wedding Crashers undertook a similar effort last summer, which allowed users to put their faces into the hit movie’s trailer and forward it to friends.

OgilvyOne created the viral push to support the general agency’s work for DHL, which emphasizes the client’s customer service in its battle with FedEx in the shipping sector. The viral effort is part

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