OgilvyOne Expands Pitney Bowes Relationship

NEW YORK — Following a project to get mailing equipment maker Pitney Bowes through last fall’s Anthrax scare, WPP Group’s OgilvyOne, New York, has picked up an assignment to do a complete business-to-business branding campaign for the company.

The first part of the total $12 million campaign began last October, when OgilvyOne was selected to produce a series of newspaper ads addressing mail security. The ads ran during the fourth quarter of last year.

Now, in light of Pitney Bowes’ selling off its copier business and acquiring a series of other ventures, the company feels the need to communicate that it does more than sell mailing systems, said Arun Sinha, vp and chief marketing officer for Pitney Bowes.

“We offer a number of businesses including electronic billing and payment systems, financial services and document management,” Sinha said.

The next phase of the campaign will appear sometime during the third quarter of 2002, said Peter DeNunzio, general manager at OgilvyOne.