Ogilvy Takes Its Own Advice

After touting the benefits of IBM’s “e-business” solutions for the past year, Ogilvy & Mather is practicing what it preaches in servicing the client’s $750 million global account.
More specifically, Michael Baldwin, senior partner at Ogilvy, has led the implementation of a “technology infrastructure that would support worldwide work flow, eliminate redundant efforts, reduce operation and travel costs “
Baldwin’s solution, three years in the making, mirrors the solutions of the fictional business people appearing in Ogilvy’s well-received letterbox TV campaign for Big Blue, which exhorts people to “Work the Web.”
Baldwin is coordinating the efforts of 850 Ogilvy staffers across disciplines with those of 1,500 marketing employees at IBM in 140 countries.
Taking advantage of its client’s resources, Ogilvy created the “O&IBM Solution Center,” using Lotus and IBM technology. With a simple password, remote users can review, revise and–in theory at least–approve creative in minutes, online. –Hank Kim