Ogilvy Gets Romantic for Jaguar

Client Hoping to Attract Younger Buyers
NEW YORK–Jaguar is attempting to inject a more personal touch into its 1998 model year advertising as the luxury car maker seeks to attract a younger audience.
A new campaign from Ogilvy & Mather here breaks this week. The ads focus on Jaguar’s best-selling XJ series–specifically the redesigned XJ8.
The client, which previously focused solely on the attributes of its models, wants to put “the romance back into Jaguar,” said Albert Saltiel, general marketing manager for Jaguar Cars. The theme, “A new breed of Jaguar,” remains.
The campaign will break in two phases over the next several weeks. First, teaser print ads will show sexy men and women eyeing the new car, which is partially obscured. Shortly after, in a TV spot, the admirers cup their hands against the windows of the XJ8 for a better look as elegant music swells in the background.
Sources said the campaign will be backed by more than $10 million.
Jaguar’s global sales are up 20 percent this year, according to industry reports. Jaguar wants to attract younger buyers before it introduces a lower priced sedan in 1999 to compete with BMW’s 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class.