Ogilvy to Air New ONDCP Ads

Ogilvy & Mather’s work for the third phase of the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s $1 billion media campaign will use simple messages that repeat themes from previous anti-drug ads. Some 40 new ads will argue that parents should be more involved with their children and remind viewers that most kids don’t use drugs.
The New York shop’s campaign will target youth with messages from country/pop band the Dixie Chicks. ONDCP is also sponsoring tours by Latino artist Ruben Blades and crooner Marianne Faithfull (who has fought a lengthy battle of her own with heroin).
Ogilvy hopes to sign Sheryl Crow and hip-hop artist L.L. Cool J for future advertisements. In one spot, the Dixie Chicks tell kids how much they can achieve if they are drug-free.
“Attention parents. Taking your kids to a ball game helps prevent drug use,” is one tagline. That message and others like it will appear everywhere, from buses to pizza boxes.
The current ads, provided by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, are producing “increases in awareness for every age level and target audience,” said Alan Levitt, who manages the ONDCP’s $185 million annual campaign. Focus groups, however, indicated that the campaign’s next phase should place more emphasis on various ethnic groups and parents.
Print ads will break Sept. 6, followed by radio and TV on Sept. 20.