Office Depot Talks To Small Business

Office Depot shifts the target of its “What you need. What you need to know” campaign from parents with school-age children to small-business owners in an effort breaking today out of Omnicom Group’s BBDO, New York.

Four spots will run through Thanksgiving. The first spoofs makeover reality shows and shows “JoAnn,” a small-business owner who, her colleagues say, needs to “update her look.” Cut to bespectacled JoAnn, seated at her desk. Behind her, her office is instantly transformed by new furniture, computers, cordless phones and PDAs as her co-workers shriek gleefully.

Another spot shows a woman who saves her job by buying ink for the office laser printer. A third has two company softball teams laying claim to an Office Depot “ringer.” And a fourth highlights online purchasing and next-day delivery by showing executives chasing an Office Depot truck down the street as if it were an ice-cream truck.

“This is an evolution for us. It builds on the history of where we’ve been, which is historically product, price selection and convenience,” said Rachelle Franklin, vp of integrated brand marketing.

“The strategy builds on what we did for back-to-school about owning your kids’ success,” added BBDO senior creative director Adam Goldstein. “This is about owning the success of your small business.”

Ad spending was undisclosed. Office Depot spent $25 million in the fourth quarter of 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.