Office Depot “Barber”

Can saving money on office supplies save a small business? If it’s that close to make or break, shopping at Office Depot probably won’t help, but that’s the premise of this commercial from Y&R. Dan, a small-town barber, watches as a new salon chain opens across the street, with great balloon-filled fanfare, offering six-dollar haircuts. The fancy hairdresser even has a cheery mascot: a guy dressed like a giant scissor. Now, a
barbershop isn’t the first small business to come to mind when thinking about Office Depot (how many filing cabinets can Dan need?), but in this spot it helps him shut down the competition — with a banner he buys at the store. He displays a sign saying, “We fix $6 haircuts,” reinvests in his business, and sends “Nitro Cutz” packing. Positioning Office Depot as a “hero” is smart styling, but the salon premise is shaky — and the notion
that a single banner could initiate such a reversal of fortune shear fantasy. –Eleftheria Parpis