Ocean Spray Aims for a Younger Crowd

BOSTON Ocean Spray on Monday breaks the first spot in a campaign designed to unify its juice beverages under one theme.

One 30-second spot, “Red,” features young people frolicking in bathing suits at the beach, at home and in nightclubs to a throbbing soundtrack. At one point, the words “Tartly refreshing. Refreshingly tart” flash on the screen, which quickly fills with bright red cranberries.

“The new spot really contemporizes the Ocean Spray brand by featuring a diverse range of active people, men and women, young and old, of various ethnicities, all interacting and enjoying the juice,” said Ron Lawner, chief creative officer of Boston’s Arnold, which handles the account.

“We’re trying to break away from traditional juice imagery and positioning,” said Stu Gallagher, chief marketing officer at the Lakevill-Middleboro, Mass.-based client.

Ocean Spray last year spent $25 million on ads, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The commercial will air on cable networks such as E! Entertainment, Discovery Health and A&E. More spots will follow.