NYSE Ads Make the Market Fun

NEW YORK When the New York Stock Exchange talks about liquidity, they mean liquidity, complete with fishies and sea coral. Now those are two assets that can really pad a Wall Street portfolio.

This new campaign from Fallon for NYSE/Euronext is full of such cool visualizations of financial metaphors, both abstract and in the case of the sea monsters, pretty literal. It’s also chock-full of dazzlingly fluid visual surprises, all made in CG animation produced by Stardust Studios.

“Portal Universe,” the 60-second spot, opens on a cyber boardroom of the future, where corporate logos gracefully sit atop futuristic chairs. “Welcome to a world that the most influential companies call home,” the announcer says, inviting us on a CG journey in which the graphics and story are tightly tied together, but the visuals are stylized and just abstract enough not to be gratingly obvious or annoying. It’s a world where “new information erupts daily,” (volcano pops here) … “and where products are bought and sold in the most efficient way possible” (and here, the term ‘Futures’ is illustrated with never-ending file drawers actually exchanging calendars. So that’s what futures are!). It makes the financial universe seem inviting, especially the part illustrating “markets growing at warp speed” with an outer space scene including a planet made of gold coins.

Short of actually transporting me to Planet Gold to snatch up the treasures there, this is an entertaining ride, in a category that otherwise can be a real sleep-inducer. Then again, considering the reality of the stock market these days, this cyber experience is eminently more fun.